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Sarajevo Rent a Car New Age

Part of the Sarajevo Car Rental Group New Age doo - City organizer - rent a car New Age in Sarajevo offer provide you with a fast and high-quality rental vehicle for your use. Lease vehicles from New Age rent a car will ensure you complete freedom of movement and traveling through BiH in a way that suits you exclusively.

Provjerite i naše specijalne ponude i pakete kreirane samo za vas. Naš moto je zadovoljan klijent.

Unlimited mileage, receipt and delivery of vehicles abroad

Sva vozila su starosti do 2 godine što vam garantuje potpuno bezbjednu i sigurnu vožnju.

All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, electric windows and all other equipment to make you feel comfortable and secure during your rental.

We also have a call center available 24 hours 365 days a year.

We also offer you our special offers in the form of a Weekend tariff as well as favorable conditions for multi-month lease or renting more vehicles.

For regular customers we also provided special discounts on all tariffs and groups of vehicles. With NEW AGE Rent a Car Sarajevo it is very easy and convenient to rent a car and enjoy the charms of Sarajevo and beyond.

We also offer you a car and a car rental service - that your driving / travel or gift to someone is special - we have created a special offer for you. Contact us and get more information. Do you want a driver in a garmented suit? We are here! Would you like to make a special welcome at the airport? We are here! Call and we will make sure that your wishes become reality!

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